Technics Convention


technics convention Well it's all over now...phew

Thanks to all of you who attended for your kind words and your support of what turned out to be a great occasion for all of us.


Rog and Midge

Just thought I would submit my thanks to Roger Mepstead and Midge Gibbs who worked so hard to organise this event and also to Audrey who I understand also made a sterling effort to make sure that the accommodation / hotel and I am sure other things were suitable.

It was really great to meet fellow players whose names I had only seen on the forum and put a face to them - I felt that I had known them for years. The tips/tuition where invaluable and will stand me in good stead. I came home with the determination to be more adventurous in looking at the KN7000 in more depth and if nothing else to be more disciplined in tackling one thing at a time - if anyone has any idea of how this can be done please jot it down on the back of a postage stamp and send it to me!!!
Great job done by all - lovely to meet you all - Joan

technics keyboard convention

I'll second what you have said about the Cambridge Event Joan. It was very well done by Roger, Bill and Midge and I know we ALL learned a great deal. I, for one, was more than surprised at what I did NOT know about the KN7000, and like many others will enjoy investigating further and using the 'tips' given so generously. Yes! the whole weekend was a great success and the feedback from the Cambridge attendees is that it was excellent and very enjoyable and they are already asking if it is to be repeated next year - who knows?

Dear Midge & Roger,
Well, I have finally come down to earth after such a super weekend. The Hotel was wonderful, the food, good, and the company superlative. I can't thank you enough for doing such a good job of organising this event. You had a firm but fair touch on keeping us in check and the whole event went off very smoothly. The Hotel did us proud with the conference room and the food during the day. Special thanks go to Bill, and Roger and Phil for passing on their knowledge of the KN7000 in such an interesting and unassuming way and to Peter for his Health & Safety talk.

I hope you have now rejuvenated your batteries enough to contemplate having another convention next year.

Once again, thank you, for all your efforts.
Carol Palfrey

Having attended the event I have to pass on a huge amount of praise and thanks to Roger, Midge and Bill. I thoroghly enjoyed the weekend and not only for the KN7000 aspects. Meeting all the like minded souls face to face and chatting over a few beers was extremely good therapy.
Let's do it again.

I would like to echo Joan and Audrey's sentiments about the above weekend, and thank Rodger and Midge for organising it, also for Audrey's part she played to make the weekend informative and enjoyable.

It was lovely to meet the people in person who were only names mentioned on the forum. When I arrived home yesterday (Wednesday) I couldn't wait to try the things I'd learnt on my KN7000.

I hope Rodger and Midge can arrange another one next year especially if they can find a suitable venue in Swindon?
Derek | | 24 September 2023