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Technic's Social Club

technics group This is the first of its kind in Wiltshire.

Would you like to spend one evening a fortnight being part of a Technic's keyboard group and relax in the friendly & social atmosphere of like minded people? Come along to listen or join in, whether you are a beginner; intermediate or professional. The main objective of our group is to provide a social get together working with one another to discover something new each time you come. Were you once a piano player and have purchased a Technic's Keyboard?

It's not quite the same thing is it!
How do you get it to behave like a piano? - Do you want to do more than that with it? what do all those buttons with names like "Transpose" Panel Memory" and "Sequencer" and so on, mean? At Keyboard Capers it's easy to ask and easy to learn. Have you had a Technic Keyboard for sometime and want to improve your performance? We have members of all levels of skills and technique - so you're bound to find people to compare notes with and learn from. Pretty adept at playing your Technic's Keyboard and now want to know the tricks of the trade? Amongst our members are one or two individuals who have tried most of the options on most of the Technic's Keyboard range and we reguarly have "demo" sessions to explain the intricacies. Come along and give us a try - we're a friendly crowd and readily welcome new members.....

For more information please contact Midge

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